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Valentine’s Day is such a fun day to have a little goofiness.

Use a little humor with the people you love or the people you just want to give a funny Valentine to (i.e. grandkids, co-workers, delivery person).

I went grocery shopping at Coborn’s and looked at all the cool items that they carry. Then I put on my thinking cap and thought which ones can I turn into an off-the-wall Valentine. There are so many ideas, I could have kept creating more and more.

Have a little fun, step out of the box, and give that special someone something crazy! You could even give a Valentine every day until February 14th. . . now how fun would that be? Feel free to print out the Valentines I created. Simply click on the links below and print, make a hole at the top of the card, add a little string, yarn or ribbon and tie it to your favorite Valentine gift idea. Get creative: use glitter, buttons, stickers. Have FUN and Happy Valentine’s Day! - Free Valentine Printables - CandyCandy Valentines

Send your Valentine a sweet treat! Here are six Valentine cards that you can attach to candy!

1. Box of Nerds – “Don’t be a NERD! Be Mine!

2. Almond Joy Candy Bar – “You bring me so much Joy, Valentine!”

3. Box of Whoppers – “You’re a Whopper of a Valentine!”

4. Box of Hot Tamales – You are one HOT Valentine!”

5. Snicker candy bar – “I love how you make me laugh and snicker, Valentine!”

6. Bag of Reese’s Pieces – “I love you to pieces, Valentine!” - Free Valentine Printables - SnacksSnack Valentines

I love the snack Valentines. The nice thing about these is that you can make them big or small. For example, you can give your Valentine an entire box of popcorn or you can remove the bags and give out one to each Valentine. You could also divide the snacks into individual bags and attach the card; that way you will get more Valentines out of one box of crackers.

1. Jar of peanuts – “I’m nuts about you, Valentine!”

2. Box of Cheez-it crackers – “Cheez! I’m crackers over you, Valentine!”

3. Box or bag of Teddy Grahams – “I love your Bear Hugs, Valentine!”

4. Bag of Goldfish crackers – “It’s O-fish-al, you’re the best Valentine!”

5. Box of trail mix – “We’re a good mix, Valentine!”

6. Box of popcorn – “You make my heart pop, Valentine!” - Free Valentine Printables - Sweets

Sweet Valentines

Here are a few random sweets that would make great Valentines – mints, chewing gum and donuts!

1. Bag or roll of mints – “I mint to tell you… I love you, Valentine!”

2. Pack of Extra chewing gum – “You are extra special, Valentine!”

3. Package of donuts – “Donut break my heart. Be mine!” - Free Valentine Printables - FruitFruit Valentines

Candy is the go-to for Valentines it seems, but we can easily make them a little healthier by attaching our Valentine cards to fruits.

1. Cutie Clementines – “You’re such a cutie, Valentine!”

2. Apple – “You are the apple of my eye, Valentine!”

3. Apple with Gummy Worms – “You wormed your way into my heart, Valentine!” - Free Valentine Printables - Soda PopSoda Pop Valentines

Here are three sweet soda pop Valentines that I think would be great for co-workers, since we all need our caffeine! And the crush one… you may or may not want to give that one to a co-worker, but it would be super-sweet for your kids to give to their crush. Orange soda is more kid friendly, too!

1. Bottle of Mt. Dew – “I love all that you DEW, Valentine!”

2. Bottle of your Valentine’s favorite soda pop – “I think you’re Sodamazing, Valentine!”

3. Bottle of Crush – “I’ve got a crush on you, Valentine!” - Free Valentine Printables - PracticalPractical Valentines

You wouldn’t typically give a roll of paper towels or a light bulb as a Valentine but if you were doing the 14 days of Valentines, these would make good fillers. Although, even if you are not doing the 14 days of Valentines, these are still pretty funny. Maybe you could give the light bulb to your more practical friends and neighbors and a box of facial tissue would be a great Valentine for your kid to give to his or her teacher.

1. Roll of paper towels – “You’re a great roll model, Valentine!”

2. Light bulb or flash light – “Watt a Valentine you are!”

3. Box of facial tissue – “I nose you are the best Valentine!”

May there be love, happiness and a little creativity in your life.


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