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Coborn’s Cake

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of wreath themed cupcakes, cakes, cookies… and those are nice. Most use a simple piping technique that is easy to master and great for whipping up an impressive dessert for your get togethers this season. But what if I told you there was an even more impressive way to decorate. It’s a little trickier, requires more time and patience, but you are ready to graduate to the next level, right? We’ve already mastered the frosting swirl from my Mother’s Day blog, let’s get fancy.

First, our supply list. You’ll need an iced cake, stick pretzels, green buttercream frosting along with a piping bag and a grass tip, preferably, (a small round tip would also work), powdered sugar and anything else you would decorate a wreath with. I used candles and sour cherry ball candy. - DIY Holiday Wreath Cake - Step By StepThe thing that sets this cake apart from the simple swirls and star tips of the others is all the little tiny twigs. It gives your cake dimension and a little bit more realism. Make sure your cake is iced before you begin. As you make each little twig you will place them directly on your cake.

Step One

Holding on to your pretzel begin piping little patches of green across your pretzel. Leave about a ½ inch at the bottom of the pretzel for you to hold onto, this is also the part you will stick in the cake. Don’t go all the way to the tip of the pretzel, leave a small bit exposed for you to hold on to when placing your twig on the cake.

Step Two

Once you’ve done one line rotate your pretzel and repeat. Cover all sides of the pretzel, you’ll need a good thick frosting otherwise you might have a problem with it falling off as you rotate your pretzel.

Step Three

Once it’s been incased in delicious frosting hold on to the tip you left bare and insert the end you were holding on to into the cake. Place at an angle to the surface of the cake and don’t be afraid to let it stick over the side of the cake. Think of how all the little parts on a wreath look and go for it.

Step Four

After  you have it in place cover the exposed tip with 2 or so more little squirts of frosting.

Side note, if you don’t have a grass tip you could improvise with a round. Try a size 3 round. It’s going to take more squirts to cover your pretzel, so be prepared for a few hand cramps.

Now that you’ve got the basic skill down start piping away. Make one twig at a time, placing them as you go in a pleasing manner. Some point in, some point out, some more up, some lay flat. I like to keep them all pointing about the same direction. But this is your cake, you can be the creative director. If you are wondering, I work my way up and to the right when placing my pretzels. No reason, it just feels right to me.

You are almost there, don’t give up. Maybe take a break and shake out your hands. This one is hard work, but your family is worth it.

And done! You’ve made it full circle and I’m sure it looks great. Eat a few pretzels in celebration!

Step Five

Now the fun part, not that the first part wasn’t, right? Sprinkle some powdered sugar for the snowy look if you’d like. I would do it the day of, sometimes if you do it too soon the fresh frosting can absorb the powdered sugar.

Extra Credit

There are lots of ways to make your cake look even more awesome. I used candles and sour cherry balls. Gumdrops would be a colorful touch! How about larger advent candles versus small birthday candles? Santa candies! Peppermints!

However you finish it off this cake is guaranteed to impress with its gravity defying frosting. Get ready to hear “How did you do that?”

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