Wedding Cake Trends - Coborn's Bakery manager explains wedding cake trends

If you are planning your upcoming wedding, one of the most fun parts of the planning is getting to pick out your wedding cake. This year there are lots of fun trends in wedding cakes. Before you call your bakery to set up an appointment, take some time to Google wedding cakes, but set aside a good chunk of time, because there are thousands of pictures out there. This will give you a great idea of what is hot this year in cakes.

Filled Cakes

As far as cake flavors go, the must do this year is a filled cake. Why settle for plain old white cake, when there are so many delicious flavor combinations to choose from. Ask your bakery what they have available, but don’t be afraid to ask for something different, like caramel latte filling or chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries. Filled cakes do cost a tad more, but the extra cost will be worth it when your guests are ohhhing and ahhhing over your wedding cake. They will still be talking about it the next day!


The hottest trend this year for decorating your wedding cake is the “ombre” cake. This is where the frosting color starts out light at the top, and gradually gets darker towards the bottom. This is a great way to save a bit of money on your wedding cake, as it is easily done with the buttercream icing, so you don’t have to pay more for a cake with rolled fondant icing. If cost is no object, go all out with a fondant cake in the ombre style, it looks awesome. This style can be done in any color scheme to match your wedding colors.

Black & White

Another hot trend this year is the black on white. This is a striking combination that will catch everyone’s eye. It coordinates well with any other accent colors that you are using. Ask your bakery about doing black fondant accents on white buttercream to save on the cost of your cake.


Cupcakes continue to be popular for weddings. This trend started a few years back and keeps on going strong. Cupcakes are so simple to serve and you can usually save the cake cutting fee. A fun idea is to order a variety of flavors to give your guests a choice. When you are ready to order your cake call ahead to your bakery and ask to have some samples made up. It really is best to try the cakes before you order, so you can get an idea of flavor combinations. One last thought, don’t hesitate to bring any pictures or even ideas that you have in your head, your cake decorator can usually do whatever you have in mind.

– Alison
Coborn’s Bakery Manager
Coborn’s St. Cloud, MN – Cooper, Ave.

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