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It’s a Piece of Cake with Alison

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Every year for Easter, when my son and daughter were still living at home, I would have them help me make this super easy Easter Bunny cake. It is the cutest cake that anyone can make; you really do not need any cake decorating expertise. And your kids will love helping you make it.

All you need is two 8” round cake layers, in any flavor that you like. You will need about a pound of cake icing (2 cups), about 1and ½ cups of sweetened flaked coconut, and some assorted candies, I used string licorice for the whiskers and gum drops for the eyes, nose and dots on his bow tie, but you could use any candy that you want.

First, tint a small handful of the coconut pink for the inside of the bunny’s ears, and another small handful blue (or any other color you like) for the bow tie. To tint the coconut, simply put it in a container that has a cover, put in a drop of food coloring and cover and shake the heck out of it. If it’s not as bright as you would like, put in another drop or two of food coloring and shake again.

Next, take one of your cake layers and cut two oval shapes, as pictured. These will be the bunny ears and the remaining portion will be his bow tie. Place cake as shown on a cake board. You can make one out of a piece of cardboard that is 19”x14” and cover with aluminum foil.

Then, frost your bunny. Don’t worry a bit about any crumbs that show or how smooth your icing is. Any little imperfections will be covered up by the coconut fur. After you ice your bunny, take small handfuls of the white coconut and press it all over the sides of the bunny face and ears. Again, it does not have to be perfect, that is what makes your bunny cake unique! Then, press some pink coconut in the middle of the ears and some blue coconut on the bow tie. Finally, make your bunny features out of the gum drops and string licorice.

If you don’t care for coconut, no worries, you can easily make this cute bunny exactly the same, just use tinted frosting. Instead of the coconut fur, just ice him and use your spatula to rough up the frosting to look like fur.

Hope you have as much fun making this bunny cake as I have had with my kids over the years.


– Alison
Coborn’s Bakery Manager
Coborn’s St. Cloud, MN – Cooper, Ave.

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It's a Piece of Cake with Alison

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