Easy Entertaining–Easy Jalapeno Dip

We’re kicking off the holiday season with a week of Easy Entertaining ideas at the Coborn’s Blog. Hope you liked the free printable labels–now let’s move on to the food.

Raise your hand if you have a holiday party coming up. We have such a love/hate relationship with these events–so fun to see friends and family, so great to have a reason to dress up and sparkle, but so stressful to get everything ready. Who of us hasn’t run out of time between work, family, shopping and wished you could snap your fingers and have everything on your table. We can’t give you the magic spell, but we have a few suggestions for easy, quick, elegant appetizers for your next event. And when we say easy, we mean EASY . Read on. . . .

We told you this was going to be easy–three ingredients:
a jar of Tabasco pepper jelly, a block of cream cheese, and your favorite crackers.
Unwrap the cream cheese in a pretty bowl.
Pour the pepper jelly over the top of the cream cheese.
Arrange the crackers around the edge of the bowl.
Ta da! Look how pretty and yummy. Total prep time, under 60 seconds. Seriously, it took you longer to look at these pictures than it took us to prepare it.

Are you liking this so far? Great, because we’ve got another one for you later this week. Stay tuned.

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